Westfall Roofing Makes
Safety a Top Priority

Roofing can be hazardous work. It is one of the most invasive things you can do to your home. We use thousands of nails on each roof install, and there is falling debris throughout the project. That is why Westfall Roofing makes safety a top priority – not only for our associates but also for you. We do this through leadership, focus, and relentless acculturation throughout the company. We employ a full-time Safety Manager who trains our associates and audits our jobs to ensure all guidelines are followed. We also have staff who are OSHA 30 Certified to ensure compliance.

From fall protection to COVID-19 safety, we have implemented a wide range of programs to ensure everyone goes home to their families in one piece at the end of the day. This added layer of protection is one more reason why to choose Westfall Roofing.

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