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Nokomis is a sunny coastal community that experiences a subtropical climate with humid summers and dry winters. These weather conditions can take a major toll on residential and commercial roofs over time. From enduring heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during the summer months to withstanding strong winds and occasional hurricanes, Nokomis area roofs face many threats that can compromise their integrity. Utilizing the roofing services of a professional, local contractor like Westfall Roofing is key to ensuring roof safety and protection against leaks, damage, and other issues.

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Westfall Roofing & The Westfall Way

Westfall Roofing is a highly trusted roofing contractor serving residential and commercial clients across Sarasota County and surrounding areas. We have over 30 years of experience assessing roof issues, repairing storm damage, and installing new roofing systems. The Westfall Way is our commitment to deliver reliable, detailed, and respectful roofing services to protect the Nokomis community. Our culture, values, and dedication to quality workmanship ensure that we consistently exceed customer expectations.

At Westfall Roofing, we genuinely care about building strong relationships in Nokomis and standing behind our work. Our team lives by core values of honesty, accountability, positivity, constant improvement, and giving back. We also believe in investing in our people through continuing education and advanced product certification. Our roofers take great pride in their work and are extensively trained in proper installation techniques for complex roofing systems. We keep up-to-date with the latest industry standards, building codes, and manufacturer warranties.

Roofing Services in Nokomis

From fixing minor leaks to completely replacing shingles, our roofers are experienced in handling all types of residential roof repairs for Nokomis homeowners. Our skilled technicians can identify issues through thorough roof inspections using drone technology and recommend appropriate solutions. We have experience with all common residential roofing materials in the Nokomis area, including asphalt, tile, metal, and flat roofing.

We install and repair various commercial roofing solutions, including single-ply, metal, flat, and shingle systems sized for large buildings. Our commercial roofing services extend beyond basic installation and repairs to address Nokomis business owners’ regular roof maintenance needs. We develop customized roof care plans tailored to facility usage and building codes. Tasks may involve clearing heavy debris and vegetation, re-applying protective roof coatings, or checking that drains and vents stay clear. We also offer infrared scans to pinpoint moisture accumulation issues before leaks emerge proactively.

Seamless gutter systems properly control rainwater runoff to protect siding, foundations, and landscaping. We fabricate durable aluminum and galvanized steel gutters onsite that integrate perfectly with existing drainage. Advanced filtering gutter guard systems can also prevent clogs from leaves and other debris. Proper slope, support bracing, and seamless connections contain water right where you want it.

From hurricanes to hail damage, we rapidly respond to storm-related roof emergencies across Nokomis 24/7. Wind uplift and blown-off shingles are quite common, even in mild tropical storms. We tarp and secure damaged roofs to prevent further destruction while immediately filing insurance claims. With storms, quick response is key before water infiltration escalates issues. Let us handle the insurance process, including providing accurate estimates, negotiating fair settlements, and managing roof tear-off and installation crews.

Proper attic insulation and ventilation improve energy efficiency and prevent moisture issues. We blow in loose-fill fiberglass or cellulose insulation to achieve specified R-values based on local codes. Ridge vents, exhaust fans, soffit vents, and air baffles can radically improve airflow, minimizing temperature buildup and humidity. This keeps attics drier and homes more comfortable. We identify all deficiencies and gaps during insulation installation.

We professionally install skylights to enhance natural lighting and ventilation. Skylights should be carefully placed to maximize solar benefits without excess heat gain. Blinds in the summer and heat mirrors in the winter let you fine-tune light as needed. We use only high UV-resistant double dome models well-suited to Florida’s bright sun exposure. Roof penetrations require special flashings and sealants to avoid leaks.

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Roofing Types in Florida

Asphalt shingle roofing is a popular traditional choice known for affordability and durability. Modern architectural styles mimic expensive slate or cedar shakes with layered dimensional designs. Heavier grade options last 30-50 years thanks to innovative weathering-grade minerals and fiberglass mats. Algae-resistant versions are coated to prevent ugly black streaks from moisture in Florida. We help you select the right shingle type, ventilation needs, and installation method.

Flat roofs on commercial buildings and homes often utilize single-ply or PVC systems in Florida. Compared to smooth asphalt or rubberized coatings, single-ply membranes better resist ponding water, ultraviolet rays, and foot traffic. PVC formulations from IB Roof Systems provide exceptional durability and reflectivity. Proper slope design ensures optimal drainage. Durable walk pads protect the underlying waterproof membrane. We handle everything from structure assessment to framing reinforcements.

Metal roofs come in steel, aluminum, and copper options, ideal for residential and commercial projects. Popular styles range from wavy corrugated panels to intricate standing seam and metal shake designs. Coated steel choices offer vivid colors like forest green or crimson red that hold up for decades against fading and corrosion. The right gauge, substrate, fastener system, and installation method all impact performance. We source from top brands like Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

Clay and concrete roof tiles lend a distinctive Mediterranean style to Nokomis homes. Spanish S-Tile, flat Roman tiles, and carved French patterns make bold curbside statements. Compared to shingles, properly installed tile roofs better withstand hurricane-force winds, fire, and daily temperature swings. We start by ensuring roof structures can support substantial 3-20 pound tiles to meet South Florida’s 140+ mph wind zone rating. Water shedding details with a network of battens, underlayment, and flashings take time but pay off for decades after.

All new roofs installed by Westfall Roofing come with manufacturer-backed material warranties plus our warranties for complete peace of mind. Material coverage ranges from 25 years on certain tiles and metals to 50 years for specialty laminated shingles. Contact us anytime during the warranty period for necessary repairs or full replacement if products underperform.

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For a free roof inspection, repair quote, or to discuss installing a new roof for your Nokomis home or business, contact Westfall Roofing today at (941)919 -2025. The Westfall Roofing team is ready to assess your current roof, explore replacement options if it is aging, provide computer-generated quotes, and answer all your questions. We take great pride in making the entire process stress-free while delivering exceptional service and roofing results. Call Westfall Roofing in Nokomis for all residential and commercial roofing needs today!

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