Owens Corning Shingle

Are the lighter colored shingles cooler in the sun?

Yes, but barely. Even though Shasta White comes with an Energy Star rating, there is no exact data to suggest that they are cooler. However, lighter colors should do a better job at reflecting the sun versus darker colors which absorbs the heat.

What is the wind rating?

The wind rating for shingles is 130 MPH.

How long do they last? What is the life expectancy?

If the roof is installed properly and well maintained, then you can expect a dimensional shingle roof to last 15 – 20 years.

Is there an extra cost for Designer shingles?

No. While some contractors sell this as an upgrade, we do not.

Do shingles get moldy?

The shingles themselves don’t mold, but mold can occur on top of the shingles if they are located in area that is directly covered with trees that doesn’t get much sunlight. It is suggested that any trees are constantly trimmed back off of the new roof to help longevity. Also, every roof we install comes with a 10 year algae resistance warranty.

What kind of vents do you use?

Depending on the design of the home we would either use a ridge vent system (VentSure) or an off-ridge vent system (Lomancos).

How much wood is needed for my home?

We allot a certain amount of wood based on the exterior of the home and sometimes the attic. We really will not know how much wood is needed for your home until we remove the existing roof and underlayment.

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