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How to Choose the Right Metal Roof Color

When it’s time to replace the roof on your home, one of the benefits of choosing metal roofing is the range of color options. Metal roof color can affect the energy efficiency and overall aesthetic of your home. This guide will help you navigate all the factors you should consider when weighing your options.

Types of Metal Roof Coatings

Before you choose a color of metal roofing, you must select the type of coating that will apply it. The two most common metal roof coatings available are SMP (budget) and Kynar 500 (premium). Let’s take a look at each to understand the difference in quality.

Siliconized Modified Polyester (SMP)

This coating is made of Siliconized Modified Polyester (SMP). It is not easily scratched during handling. However, testing shows that SMP coatings on metal roofs start to fade after 10-12 years. Weathering signs may appear even sooner in Florida’s tropical climate. In the residential roofing industry, SMP coatings offer a budget-friendly alternative to Kynar 500.

Kynar 500

Kynar coating is made of high-performance fluoropolymer resin. It is favored by most architects and builders, as it provides superior durability and protects your roof’s color against chalking and fading. Kynar paint typically comes with a 30-year warranty and outlasts the competition in terms of gloss and color retention over time.

Match Your Metal Roof Color with Your Style of Home

The color of metal that you choose for your roof should match the overall style of your home. Choose a color based on all the elements of your home’s exterior design, such as the color of the siding, doors, windows, landscape, etc. It is best to go for a metal roof color that complements your home’s existing palette, creating a unified look. Make sure you examine color samples during different times of the day; metal roofing may appear  brighter during light hours and more subdued when the sun goes down.

Consider Local Roof Design Trends

While you want the overall look of your home to reflect your personal taste, it is also important to consider the general trends of roof colors in your neighborhood for resale value. Walk around and get a sense of the style of homes around you. Pick a roof color that you like, but also make sure that it complements the architecture and style of your neighborhood.

You can also use color to achieve certain design goals. If the color of your metal roof contrasts with your home’s siding or brick color, it will instantly help your home stand out and command attention. On the other hand, complementary colors will convey a more classic look and feel. If you want to achieve an ultra-modern look, go for bare metal. Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and other metal roofs have a distinctive color naturally that can create a unique and beautiful aesthetic for your home.

Dark versus light roof colors also have a tremendous impact on the overall perception of your home’s size. A lighter color roof will make your house appear taller, a benefit if your house has a low roof. Alternatively, a darker color can make a tall roof seem less overwhelming.

Energy Efficiency

When you consider different colors for your roof, keep the impact on your home’s energy efficiency. All of our colors are Energy Star “Cool Roof” colors with superior fade and chalk resistance. You can further maximize its efficiency by choosing the right color.

Light metal roofing colors, such as white, beige, or light blue reflect the sun’s rays a lot better than darker ones, thus keeping your home cooler in the summer. Living in Florida, where your house gets a lot of sun exposure throughout the year, a light coating (white in particular) can help lower your cooling costs by as much as 15-25%.

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