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How Our 5 Core Values Play A Critical Role For Your Benefit

How Our 5 Core Values Play A Critical Role For Your Benefit

Beware a company with no rudder. One company will call it a mission statement; another says it is a slogan, but that moral compass or rudder helps point the way forward. A quality contractor will have some sense of purpose that shows itself in every customer interaction. At Westfall Roofing, we call it “The Westfall Way,” which is girded by the five core values we follow.

1. Honest

Honesty is the only way to build a sustainable brand. Sure, we could be dishonest in everything from initial inspections to bids on roof replacement. We’ve worked with homeowners whose their last roofer substituted inferior materials without telling them. We would never do that! 

Westfall Roofing wants you to be proud of your home, trust your contractor, and count on the quality of our work. So, we are honest, even if it means we do not get a particular job because someone else claims to charge less. 

2. Reliable

Abraham Maslow spelled it out in 1943: every human has a hierarchy of needs, and the most basic needs are physiological: air, water, food, and shelter. You cannot have a healthy, happy family without a healthy, intact home. 

We strive to be the reliable contractor who quickly, carefully completes the needed work correctly to ensure you have a safe, functioning roof over your head. How do we do this? First, we’ve been serving Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We won’t disappear after work is done, so you can reach out to us if you ever have questions, need maintenance repairs, or it’s been 20 years and you’re ready for another roof. We also love to keep communication open so you can always connect with us, whether before, during, or after a job.

3. Detail Oriented

A roof that is not 100 percent watertight is going to leak. Keeping up with the details is absolutely fundamentally critical in our work. An overlooked bit of flashing could mean a roof leak

4. Respectful

We care. We care about your home, your family, and you. A home is likely your most valuable asset. We respect the love, care, and money you have poured into your home—pools, landscaping, outdoor living spaces—and we work hard to respect it all.

5. Family Oriented

All of the employees at Westfall Roofing are, like family, connected to our customers and each other. We give grace and favor to our family more than to a stranger. 

We value every new customer. We treat you with respect and honesty, hoping to improve the relationship and forge a long-term connection, so you return to us for other exterior home services. It’s what families would do for each other. Westfall Roofing—with offices in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota greater metropolitan areas–strives for perfect customer service. Contact us today to see how our many exterior home programs can help improve your life, save you money, and preserve your home.

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