11 Excellent Reasons To Install A Metal Roof

11 Excellent Reasons To Install A Metal Roof

The pros and cons of metal roof systems could probably fill not one, but several books. Fortunately, the cons would make for a very thin volume. Here are 11 excellent, sensible, economical reasons to have a metal roof professionally installed on your Tampa or Sarasota home. 

11 — Repairs? What Repairs?

Metal roofs are beautiful, resilient, and tough. They can take years, even decades of rough weather and heavy use and still require no repair work by trained roofers. 

When you do face some minor issue with your roof, metal roof panels can be quickly and expertly repaired by highly skilled roofing crews. 

10 — No Maintenance Today!

You enjoy your sunny Florida days and breezy nights. You really do not want to spend time scheduling annual roof maintenance, do you? With a gleaming, new metal roof, care is virtually non-existent! Metal roofs can go for many years with only minimal inspection and cleaning by skilled professional roofers. 

Shingles? Shingles benefit from annual inspection, cleaning, and repair. Annual. Every year, year after year of charges and fees for a bit of caulk, a piece of flashing, a nice scrub-down by responsible, safe roofers (not by you! Stay off your roof!). 

9 — Energy Efficient

The typical metal roof offers upwards and even exceeding 80 percent thermal emissivity, including black. This means the roof will release tremendous amounts of infrared radiation (heat energy from the sun), so your Florida dream home stays cooler. You see the results in your monthly energy bill, which will be lower thanks to metal roofing’s high energy efficiency.

For comparison, one highly touted Energy Star-rated shingle system, Owens Corning’s Shasta White shingles, has only 28 percent thermal emissivity. 

8 — Energy Star Finishes

Just about every formulation used for the painted finishes applied to metal roofing is an Energy Star-rated finish. That means you would be hard-pressed to find a metal roofing system that did not deliver abundant savings on energy bills under the abundant Florida sunshine.

7 — Recyclable

After a long, long life, a typical, sturdy metal roof is almost 100 percent recyclable. Metal roofing is customarily fashioned from galvanized steel, heavy-gauge aluminum, alloys of aluminum and steel, or copper. All of those metals are easily recycled by commercial services conveniently located throughout Florida.

The metals used can stay out of landfills and find new adventures as bicycles, building beams, or beer cans. You face lower carting costs for construction debris when you get a complete roof replacement. 

6 — Longevity

Metal roofs are your long-term solution to your roofing dilemma. You love your Florida home and have no intention to leave this year or 10 years from now.

A metal roof has a lifespan of around 50 years! You pay for one roof and live safe and secure under it for a lifetime. 

5 — Money Saved Every Year

While up-front costs for metal roofing are generally higher than for shingle roofs, you will pay to have three shingle roofs installed in the time you enjoy one metal roof. You save money for decades into the future.

Why are metal roofs more expensive? They use high-quality materials. The skills of trained roofers in shaping, cutting, installing, and attaching metal roofing are more complex than the skill needed to secure a shingle roof. Their skills earn higher wages, and deservedly so. 

4 — Wind Resistant

Florida’s winds are tricky. A sturdy metal roof, well fastened and properly attached to your home, can withstand high winds just about as well as heavy ceramic or concrete tile. Typical metal panel roofing is wind-rated up to 140 mph.

3 — A Friend to Your HVAC System

Your new metal roof will help your HVAC system perform better, last longer, and run less often. Why? Your cooler home, with a cooler attic, will not put a tremendous load on your central air conditioner.

That can mean fewer HVAC repairs and no need to replace your system every few years. 

2 — Solar Friendly, Too

Who doesn’t want solar panels in Florida? Our near-tropical sun gives us a lot of free energy for the taking. A metal roof with standing seams can handle solar panels with no drilling! Solar clamps fit to grip the raised seams of each panel, keeping the solar panels firmly attached while preserving the structural integrity of your fine, sleek metal roof. 

1 — New, Modern Look

Metal roofs have moved far past the old corrugated tin tops of 75 years ago. Modern designs, bright colors, and tough finishes are all hallmarks of today’s metal roofs for residential installations.In the Tampa and Sarasota areas, Westfall Roofing represents the very best in residential roofing. Contact us today to learn all we can do to provide your home with a beautiful, flawlessly installed metal roof. We also offer a variety of roofing services. We’re the roofer you can count on!

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