How We Partner To Best Prepare For Your Roof Replacement

How We Partner To Best Prepare For Your Roof Replacement

Well done, you! You have arranged for a complete roof replacement on your West Central Florida home. Now you wait for the Big Day, but what should you do, besides wait? How should customers prepare for a residential roof replacement

Ball Rolling

You are a successful, thoughtful homeowner. You have already gotten your three bids and detailed, written estimates from three nearby roofers. You have already selected a fine, local residential roofer, and you are ready for that new roof! Have you also: 

  • Signed the contract? — Work cannot proceed without a signed contract for complete roof replacement
  • Paid the deposit? — This is, for the good folks at Westfall Roofing, only 10 percent down for shingle roofs and only 25 percent down for tile or metal roofs; payment may be made by check, credit card, or through online processing

That’s it! You started the ball rolling. Your part in getting everything started for your high-quality, new roof is complete.

Back to You, Westfall!

 Now the trained personnel of Westfall Roofing take over: 

  1. The Westfall Roofing sales representative fills out required company documents and turns everything over to our pre-installation department.
  2. Office staff send you, our loyal customer, a welcoming email confirming receipt of your project and offering an estimated timeline.
  3. We place the order for your specific material (shingle, tile, metal panels) in your choice of color and style.
  4. If your home is in the tri-county area, we may perform a pre-installation walkthrough before the installation day.
  5. Westfall Roofing pulls all required roof permits to protect you and follow all applicable laws.
  6. Westfall Roofing’s team members meet to discuss the project and address any questions or concerns before the Big Day.
  7. Production coordinators schedule your project then reach out to you to confirm a specified starting date.
  8. On the Big Day (the date of installation), your production supervisor meets with you; your Westfall Roofing complete roof replacement begins!

Back to You!

In the days leading up to your roof replacement project, as your anticipation and excitement build, you can tackle these nine things, so you are prepared for the Big Day of your roof replacement:

  1. Outside, remove vehicles from the driveway and garage; your garage door will be blocked off by roofing contractor vehicles and a debris container.
  2. Remove yard ornaments and set them aside.
  3. Move potted plants away from the roofline, the roof’s edges on all sides of your home.
  4. Store children’s outdoor play equipment.
  5. Mow your yard before installation; though magnetic brooms will pick up most wayward metal scraps, some nonmagnetic metal may accidentally fall into your lawn.
  6. Reread your contract to understand it, know what work will be performed, and what additional costs you may encounter (such as unforeseen damage found when removing the old roof); ask your production supervisor for clarification.
  7. Inside, all fragile wall hangings — framed pictures and artwork — should be removed and set on the floor, standing up; vibrations created while replacing the roof could cause them to fall from walls.
  8. Brace yourself mentally for the noise of installation over your head; you will hear thuds from workers’ boots, sharper sounds from air nailers, and cutting sounds if sheathing is being replaced; if you work from home, you may need to minimize remote meetings and telephone calls.
  9. Make sure all recessed light fixtures in ceilings are secure before the roof replacement; this includes tightening bulbs and testing the fixtures themselves; the roof will cause vibrations to travel through walls.

Big Day! New Roof!

The day the roofing crew arrives, consider taking these three additional steps for everyone’s safety and happiness:

  1. Noise-sensitive pets, or pets easily agitated by a change in routine, may find the roofing work stressful; consider placing your pet with a trusted boarding service, neighbor, or extended family member.
  2. If your dog stays home with you, walk the dog well away from the commotion of the home; an extended walk some blocks away may tire your pet and allow for a more leisurely day.
  3. Nobody in your family should walk outside without shoes during and after installation; the roofing crew will diligently sweep your yard for debris, but some stray bits may evade detection.

At Westfall Roofing, your family’s safety and comfort are the reason we are in business. We provide exterior home services, so your Tampa Bay or Sarasota-area home is safe and secure. Your new roof is as important to us as it is to you.At Westfall Roofing, we provide roofing services with integrity so every customer can feel secure and proud of their home. We want your complete roof replacement to go from start to finish smoothly, peacefully, and without surprises. Contact us today to learn all the ways we make roof replacement an easy, enjoyable process for you, our valued customer.

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