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4 Facts You Should Know About How Metal Roofs Save You Energy

4 Facts You Should Know About How Metal Roofs Save You Energy

Which costs more to install, a shingle roof or a metal roof? The metal roof costs more upfront, and beware of any roofer saying otherwise. But here’s a better question: which saves more money over its lifespan, a shingle roof or a metal roof? A metal roof does, for many reasons. One important consideration, especially for Florida homeowners: energy savings of a metal roof. 

1. Savvy Saver

Metal roofing is more energy-efficient than any other roofing material. For the Sunshine State, this means real cold cashback in your bank account. Why? Your energy costs are lower when a metal roof crowns your Tampa Bay or Sarasota-area home. After all, you’re paying for a metal roof even if you don’t have one. You’re just paying an extra portion to the electric company.

2. Cooler

Compare two Florida homes — one in shingles and one in white-painted metal panels — under a Florida sun. Attic temperatures for the shingle roof can soar to 142℉. The metal roof brings attic temperatures down by 37°, to only 105℉, 26 percent lower! 

With attic temperatures lower, your home’s HVAC system has an easier job cooling your living space. Your HVAC equipment: 

  • Runs less often
  • Runs for shorter periods
  • Lasts longer
  • Uses less electricity

3. Reflective

A metal roof painted with a highly reflective, long-lasting finish can reflect vast amounts of infrared and ultraviolet light. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it also yields real savings to you. Choose an Energy Star product such as highly reflective metal roofing, and you will see the savings stack up year after year. 

4. Kinder

A metal roof not only saves you money on your monthly energy bills, but it also is kinder to our fragile Florida environment than shingles. Metal is durable. 

You can expect to put three shingle roofs on your home before a metal roof needs replacing. Think of all the materials and energy those three shingle roofs require! 

When a metal roof is at the end of its life, it is 100 percent recyclable. Not all shingle roofs get recycled. 


If your budget and plans have you undecided between shingles and metal roofing, consider:

  • If you expect to move soon after installing a new roof, a shingle roof may be just right for you.
  • If you plan to spend most of your enjoyable Florida life in one home, make it an energy-efficient, metal-roofed home.

Contact Westfall Roofing today to find out the many ways metal roofing not only costs you less, it helps Florida’s environment, lowers your carbon footprint, saves energy, and fights climate change.

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