A Quick Look At 9 Common Roof Leaks Your Roof Could Face

A Quick Look At 9 Common Roof Leaks Your Roof Could Face

We hope you never have to face some of these nine common roof leaks, but if you know what is possible, you also know to contact your dependable, nearby roofer for prompt repair. 


Nails account for roughly half the reasons your Tampa-area home’s roof may leak

  • Nail pops — Roofing nails can stand high (what we call proud) from heat and moisture; they can also arise out of the shingles by rusting.
  • Low hanging nails — If a roofing nail is improperly shot into the shingle too low for the course above it to cover the nail, it is not only visible and unsightly, it can also rust out.
  • Deck nails — Your Sarasota-area home’s rafters are covered in sheathing held fast by deck nails; it these back out, they lift your shingles and break their adhesion.
  • Ridge vents — Aluminum ridge vents can become loose if the nails used to hold them to the deck (sheathing) pop out; the loose vents allow water to infiltrate your attic.

Bad Start

The fifth bit of bad news comes from shingle starter courses incorrectly installed along your home’s eaves. If the starter shingles fail — from poor installation, nail pops, or gutters interfering with the drip edge — rot can set in along the eaves and in fascia boards. Look for coffee-colored stains underneath soffit vents. 

Metal Failures

Three causes of common roof leaks are related to metals:

  • Around every roof piercing on your home’s roof is a boot; many are dense rubber, but some are lead boots attract squirrels, who wear down their teeth on the lead and destroy the waterproofing.
  • Valley flashing can become loose, raising shingles around them and allowing water to flow freely into your attic.
  • Galvanized roof vents (GRVs), bathroom, and kitchen fan vents can rust and fail; water infiltration soon follows.

Shingle Failure

The ninth common cause of roof leaks in the Sarasota and Tampa areas is failed shingles. Each shingle has an adhesive strip on it which grips the next higher shingle. The seal can be broken if the shingles are old or the wind lifts them up. 

Once the adhesive seal is broken between shingle courses, wind-blown rain will migrate up under the shingle, rusting out the roofing nails across your roof. Please connect with us today at Westfall Roofing to find out how to stop roof leaks. We offer complete roofing and exterior services to our neighbors in the Tampa and Sarasota areas.

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