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What Are The Benefits Of Working With Westfall Roofing?

Repairing or replacing your roof doesn’t have to be stressful with the right roofing company. The professionals take care of the details, and hard work, but how do you know you hired the best company? Not all roofing contractors are equal, so how can you tell this is the company you’re looking for? If you hire Westfall Roofing, you have nothing to worry about.

Commercial, Residential Roofing, and More 

Westfall Roofing handles commercial and residential jobs with the same experience and professionalism. We’ll inspect your roof, giving you an honest and professional opinion on whether it needs repairs or replacing. Have questions about Westfall Roofing’s recommendation? We will answer any questions, even those you have from other contractors.


Roof repair and replacement aren’t the only services Westfall roofing offers. We know there is more to a roof than underlayment and shingles. Tired of sagging and leaking gutters? There’s another option. Westfall Roofing can install seamless gutters with your roof replacement. The aluminum gutters are built to last for years and can withstand strong wind and rain.

Even seamless gutters collect leaves and other debris. Most homeowners prefer to skip seasonal gutter cleaning. It’s a dirty job no one wants to do. You can avoid the job by having gutter covers installed. The cover prevents leaves and debris from clogging your gutter.


Replacing your roof is the perfect time to think about skylights. Adding glass or fiberglass panes at the same time as your new roof can increase the value of your home. Westfall Roofing is a certified installer of skylights in new and older homes. We consider plumbing, electric, and structural elements to ensure the finished project meets all safety and building codes. Need a retrofit? Westfall Roofing also replaces outdated acrylic dome skylights.

Ventilation and Insulation 

An attic not properly insulated costs homeowners money in heating and cooling bills. Whether you’re in Tampa Bay or Sarasota, Westfall Roofing has a location nearby. During your roof repair or replacement, ask about insulating your attic. It’s the perfect time to have the project done.

Ventilation is also important in Florida’s hot summers. Westfall Roofing will inspect your roof to determine the type of ventilation needed. Our team will discuss their recommendations with you, and help you make the right decision before your roof replacement begins. 

Dependable and Professional Service 

How you’re treated says a lot about a roofing company. When you feel ignored during a consultation, your relationship with the roofing contractor won’t get better. You want a roofing company who listens and understands your needs and budget.

Westfall Roofing has an outstanding reputation with its commercial and residential clients. The list of positive reviews is a testament to the attention we put into every project.

Expect Professional Service 

You can expect a fair estimate, whether you’re a new or returning customer. Clients have the option of meeting in-person or online. You can have your questions answered, receive an estimate, and have the work done. It’s a great option if you bought a house but are still living out of town.

Westfall Roofing is known for its friendly and professional service throughout Tampa Bay and Sarasota. When it’s time for your project to start, expect the crew from Westfall Roofing to be there on time. Every aspect of the job is explained so you know what to expect. Another bonus of working with an experienced roofing contractor is that they can help you navigate your insurance.

Competitive Pricing 

It’s never a good idea to go with the first roofing contractor you meet. Pricing varies, along with experience. A quote from one company may sound high, so it might be a good idea to consider other options. You’ll have a better idea of what your project should cost. 

You’ll find Westfall Roofing offers competitive pricing in line with the job. You won’t feel like you’re overpaying for your new roof.

A Job Done Right 

The project starts the minute you accept the estimate and set a date. Westfall Roofers will be at the job site on time. You won’t have to call to find out why there’s a delay. 

From start to finish, you’ll know exactly how the project is progressing. You will have a constant line of communication with the Field Supervisor. We will strive to finish on time, within the estimate, and to your specifications.

Contact Westfall Roofing for Your Next Roofing Project 

Westfall Roofing has over 30 years of experience in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas. We back our work with a guarantee, including on attic insulation projects.

Our experienced and friendly team will work with you to find the best solution for your roofing problem. Whether it’s repairs or a complete replacement, you will get courteous and professional service.

When it’s time to start thinking about your residential or commercial roof, contact the professionals at Westfall Roofing for a free estimate.

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