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5 Reasons Why The Cheapest Roofer Won’t Save You Money

Ron Popeil was pitchman and inventor of such delights as the Inside the Eggshell Egg Scrambler, The Whip-O-Matic, and Mr. Microphone. Popeil epitomized the notion, “You get what you pay for.” The same is true for residential roofers. 

1. As Seen On …

Ron Popeil coined the phrase, “As seen on TV,” but for roofing, you want somebody who’s actually been seen on a roof. Too many “roofing contractors” install just about everything:

  • Siding
  • Garage doors
  • Replacement windows
  • Decks and porches
  • Patios, landscaping, and stonework
  • Sheds and outbuildings

Some of these fly-by-nighters will be happy to remodel your bathroom, paint your recreation room, and, oh, by the way, install a new roof. They are not roofing experts, and they will cost you money in the long run. 

Another problem is hiring the cheapest roofer who may have no local, physical address. This wanderer may sweep through your residential development offering quick roof replacement or a “special deal” on “leftover” shingles. The price may be surprisingly low. A week after the check clears, though, when you try to reach that roofer for a callback (the crew missed something; the roof is leaking; flashing is missing), you can’t seem to get hold of ‘em. 

In either case — the “roofer” who is not a roofing expert or the disappearing roofer — your “cheap” roof will end up being very expensive. Simply put: 

  • Bad roofers cost more money than good roofers.

2. Set It and Forget It

Whether buying a kitchen gadget or a quality roof installation, Popeil’s tagline works: “Set it and forget it.” Set yourself up with a quality roofer and you can forget about late-night worries:

  • Will the roofer show up?
  • Will the crew know what they’re doing?
  • Will the right roofing materials be installed?
  • Will the roofing warranty be in force?

When you hire a reputable, local roofer with a physical address and a reputation to maintain, you never have to worry about the results.

3. There’s No Problem with the Rain!

Ron got rich selling items of questionable quality. Part of his pitch for GLH (aka “Hair in a Can”…aka spray paint) was, “There’s no problem with the rain!”

Can you say that about a roof installed by the cheapest roofer you can find? A cheap roofer will not worry about anything but the top layer of a new roof, the visible part. But a roof is an integrated system with many interconnected parts.

A good roofer installs a roof from the sheathing up, from flashing and sheathing to underlayment and even ventilation. Whether shingles, tile, metal, or low-slope roofing, a quality roofer does a quality job. They make sure to use the highest quality materials. 

A cheap roofer may tear off your old roof and then disappear for days, leaving your home exposed to weather it cannot keep out.

4. Now How Much Would You Pay?

Popeil used the tagline “Now how much would you pay?” after doubling an offer on one of his products, as if you really needed two. When you engage a cheap roofer, attracted by the low, up-front price, you literally put your home and all your possessions at risk. How much would you pay for such a gamble? A cheap roofer could leave you very exposed:

  • Poor installation of metal panels could mean water infiltration
  • Uneven shingle installation leaves your house an eyesore
  • Improper tile application could lead to shattered tiles

5. But Wait, There’s More!

A cheap roofer will hardly bother worrying about the safety and security of roofing crews. Such a company may not have a state license (Westfall has Florida License #CCC056392; thanks for asking!).

Suppose the cheapest roofer hires an inexperienced crew from the parking lot of a big-box home improvement store. Then suppose a worker slips and falls from your two-story home. That worker can sue you, the homeowner, if the cheap roofer carried no liability insurance or workers compensation coverage. That ‘cheap’ roof could cost you big!

As your Sarasota or Tampa-area home becomes a construction site for a few days, things could get damaged:

  • The outside unit on your central air conditioner
  • Holes in pool screens
  • Plants and landscaping
  • Leave behind dangerous metal debris, including roofing nails, flashing pieces, and heavy-duty staples
  • Dent and ding gutters

The difference between an untrained roofing crew and a professional one lies in who is responsible for repairing the damage. Untrained crews leave you to cover any damages. Professional crews work hard to not leave any damage; yet, should damage happen, they make it right.

A roof installed by untrained roofers also won’t last as long, so you’ll need to replace your roof much sooner than if a professional roofer had installed it. So instead of one roof in 20 years, you could end up paying for two.

The Roofer You Can Count On

Don’t let healthy skepticism rob you of the best roofing experience of your lifetime. Contact us today at Westfall Roofing. We provide clear communication, free estimates, and a full range of roofing services delivered with integrity.

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