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3 Benefits To Financing Your Roof Replacement Through Westfall

3 Benefits To Financing Your Roof Replacement Through Westfall

You can finance a new car or a new house. Someone once used a 1969 Kentucky Derby Winner’s Trophy as collateral for a loan. But can you get a loan for a complete roof replacement? Sure, when you wisely finance through your local, reliable roofer! 

Three Benefits

When you arrange financing through the very same roofer handling your complete roof replacement on your Tampa Bay or Sarasota-area home, you keep everything under one — pardon the expression — roof. More, you get three distinct benefits:

  1. You have a simplified application and approval process by working with the company working on your roof project; the contractor knows exactly what the money will be used for and can help provide helpful details to the lender
  2. Your roofer may also be able to tap the expertise and financial clout of SELF, a nonprofit that offers low-interest home improvement loans for homeowners in underserved communities
  3. By applying for a loan through your roofer, you can apply by telephone or in person, gathering only four pieces of information: your driver’s license; Social Security Number (SSN); proof of income; and your date of birth

Watch the Clock

In recent years plenty of Tampa Bay homeowners have felt the peculiar knot in their stomachs, facing difficult financial straits. You may be nervous about applying for a loan for such a large home improvement project as getting your entire roof replaced

But if you make your application through your roofer, you may be surprised by how quickly you get a positive answer. In fact, most clients of Westfall Roofing find out in 10 minutes or even less! 

You can know within a few minutes if you can move ahead with that vital complete roof replacement. And, for most borrowers, you can sign the loan documents electronically, meaning you never even have to leave your home to ensure its continued protection. 

Convenient Terms

Every loan’s terms include two crucial aspects:

  1. Interest rate
  2. Loan length

When you work with a lender through your roofer, you can arrange convenient terms to fit your budget. You can even arrange for loans with terms up to 30 years. To get started, ask your roofer about financing your major roofing project. Westfall Roofing offers homeowners in the west central Florida area a complete range of roofing services, including excellent financing terms. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your Tampa Bay or Sarasota home.

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