9 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting The Roof Estimate Process

9 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting The Roof Estimate Process

SFC Manatee-Sarasota does not offer a class in “How to Own a Home.” That is a pity; most homeowners instead learn by trial. For example, what is the process for a roof estimate? You cannot easily find out until you are actually in the process of getting a roof estimate. Until now, that is.

Three Thoughts

Before we tackle the eight simple steps to getting a roofing estimate, bear in mind three thoughts, no matter who you turn to for a roofing estimate:

  1. Time is on your side—As the homeowner, you choose the roofer, pace, budget, and schedule for your roofing project.
  2. Plan for roof succession—Plan a few years ahead of any roof replacement for the financing, type of roof, and price line of your selected materials.
  3. Consider financing—Not all roofers offer financing, which could affect your options in roofing contractor, price line of your roofing materials, or the kind of roof you select.

Six Steps

With Westfall Roofing, a Tampa Bay or Sarasota-area homeowner will go through these six simple steps for getting an estimate on roof repairs or complete roof replacement:

  1. Appointment—Your contractor’s representative will dedicate about two hours to the home visit. This allows for a thorough inspection of your home’s roof, attic, and perimeter, followed by a complete review of the estimate and products available.
  2. Ask Questions—Will the contractor pull a building permit? Does the contractor use company employees or subcontractors? What about licensing and insurance? 
  3. Walkabout—Walk around your home with the roofing contractor’s estimator; never attempt to climb onto the roof yourself! Listen as your estimator explains issues with your roof, a roof you probably have not examined closely.
  4. Product Review—Compare manufacturers. Good contractors will discuss both benefits and drawbacks regarding different manufacturers. Unscrupulous contractors may offer only one brand, be unable to explain pros and cons, or only offer vague answers to your questions about products.
  5. Get It in Writing—If the contractor does not offer a written estimate, the contractor has no obligation to honor any promises on materials, schedule, Scope of Work, or pricing.
  6. Combine Projects—A roofing project is also the perfect time to schedule other home improvements, from fresh attic insulation to gutters, ventilation, and skylights.

Please contact us today at Westfall Roofing for complete peace of mind about your Tampa Bay or Sarasota home’s roof. We can provide comprehensive exterior services, from roof repair to complete roof replacement and more.

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