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Roof ROI: How Your Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re thinking of listing your home this year, or a few years down the road, the overall value of your home is always a big concern. Obviously, you want to be able to sell your home for a nice profit, and that means adding equity. Your rooftop is an important part of the structure and a new or maintained roof is an asset when it comes time to sell your Florida home. Explore the features that give value to a well-cared for roof on your Tampa Bay home and a solid bid might be in your future because of your investment.

Making a Great First Impression

A rooftop speaks volumes to potential buyers. From the moment that people arrive at your property, their first impression of the entire home is set by the outside appearance. Draw buyers into your home with a manicured yard and a properly cared for roof on your home. Those who see a worn rooftop may equate neglect with the entire property however you can change their minds with a new roof installation or roof repair. Plus, a bad roof can be glaringly obvious.

Accentuating Energy Efficiency

A new or repaired rooftop exudes energy efficiency and cost-savings to home buyers. Quality rooftops reflect light and hold in comfortable, conditioned air. The value that the rooftop brings is a monthly benefit and saves on your electrical bill. Furthermore, if your thermostat is unable to work properly due to an inefficient roof, the home is at risk of larger issues such as mold or moisture damage.

Shifting the Focus

You had time to replace or repair the roof, but perhaps the exterior’s paint is a few years old. A well-maintained roof on your Tampa home can speak volumes of the overall care of the home even if there are a few outdated aesthetic items. Things such as paint, light fixtures and appliances can often be smaller investment pieces that buyers are willing to overlook. Ensuring the roof and overall structure of the home is sound can be the difference between an offer and a buyer walking away.

Transferring Warranties

If you took the opportunity to replace the roofing with brand-new materials, there’s often a warranty involved. In fact, warranties might come from the installer or material manufacturer and issues that might occur to the rooftop are often covered under these warranties. Policies are typically transferable, which benefits the next owner and provides piece of mind on their investment.

Take the Next Step

The intangible benefit of replacing your roof is the sale-ability of your home. With a new roof, you’ll likely sell more quickly than with an older roof. This is because you won’t have to negotiate for the price of a new roof in the sale price and because some buyers won’t purchase an older home until the current owner has replaced the roof.

There are many elements to go into the process of selling your home and a roof can be a crucial make or break piece of the puzzle. Ensure your rooftop is a valuable part of your next open house by working with a roofing company to understand your roofing needs. Contact Westfall Roofing today for a free roof estimate and get your home on track for a quick sell.

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