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Ways Regular Roof Repair Can Help Mitigate Roof Replacement

Thanks to rough storms and the extreme heat common in Tampa & Sarasota you understand the importance of maintaining your home in this area of Florida. Doing so can save money and keep a range of disasters at bay, but many people forget to hire roofing companies in Tampa & Sarasota for annual roof inspections.

Having a local, family-owned and operated roofing company such as Westfall Roofing visit your home and report any issues that come up is vital in avoiding future complications. In this quick post, you will learn the benefits of an annual roof inspection.

Protect Your Family

Undetected roof issues can cause other problems if you don’t catch them in the early stages. For example, damaged shingles can get even worse over time and allow water to leak into your home before you spot the warning signs. The water can build up and give mold the opportunity to grow in your walls, and it can create several health concerns you don’t want to encounter. If water leaks into your home and gets near wires, it can create a fire hazard as well. You can safeguard your family and reduce the risk of costly damage by checking on the integrity of your roof after the stormy summers we often get in central Florida.

Protect Your Home & Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

Although a damaged shingle is not hard or expensive to replace, the issues that occur if you don’t repair the broken shingle are a different story as outlined above. Water that makes it past your shingles can cause boards and support beams to rot away, resulting in an even more costly repair bill and potential structural damage.

Opting for an inspection and considering roof repair the moment problems appear is the only safe bet if you’re serious about proactively protecting your home and family. Having a Tampa roof repair team respond at the first sign of trouble saves you money and puts your worries to rest.

Makes Insurance Claims Easier

If you think filing an insurance claim when your roof has problems is an easy task, you’ve probably never filed a claim. Most insurance adjusters look for reasons to reduce the amount you can collect when reporting damage. Depending on your policy, collecting insurance money might be impossible if the adjuster says a lack of maintenance is to blame for your trouble. Additionally, all the reports from your roofer over the years will show that you’ve worked to maintain your roof, which will help them determine what damages they should cover, and which, if any, were pre-existing. Defeat that roadblock by getting annual inspections and keeping records of all repair work.

Getting Started

Many people understand the importance of annual roof inspections and even plan to do them but put it off until they forget. Don’t follow in their footsteps because you will then expose yourself to a range of additional issues.

The Westfall Roofing team has been in business since 1989 servicing the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas. See why our process is designed to fit into your busy life and experience the Westfall difference for yourself. Call Westfall Roofing to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help maintain your roof for years to come.

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