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8 Signs Of Wear And Tear On Your Roof & How To Prevent Them

8 Signs Of Wear And Tear On Your Roof & How To Prevent Them

Homeowners should never climb onto their roofs. Roofs are slippery, treacherous surfaces, so leave the roof gymnastics to the professionals. Still, your roof needs regular, preventive maintenance to prevent wear and tear. By working with your local, licensed residential roofer, you can delay complete roof replacement and prevent roof leaks. 

Leaf It To The Pros

Florida’s many trees drop leaves onto roofs nearly year-round. Accumulations of leaves in the valleys of your home’s roof can cause moisture to collect. That moisture saturates your roof, hastening the degradation of the roof’s integrity:

  • Metal roofing fasteners can start to rust.
  • Shingles can begin to degranulate or lose their ceramic pellets, which provide water resistance.

Your local, helpful roofer can get the leaves off your roof during twice-yearly inspections. This simple step alone can help stop roof leaks from forming around weak spots on your roof. 

Living the Shingle Life

Your Tampa Bay-area home’s shingle roof suffers under Florida’s intense sun, high temperatures, and strong winds. Preventive maintenance can stop these seven other common shingle ills:

  1. Wind uplift shortens the life of shingles—Your roofer can identify nail pops and stressed shingles.
  2. Discoloration can indicate granule erosion or algae growth.
  3. Broken, loose, or curled shingles.
  4. Granule loss—You, as the homeowner, can safely inspect your home’s gutters to see how much of your roof has landed in the gutter; rapid granule loss leads to roof leaks.
  5. Mold or moss—Mold and moss grow where moisture allows them to; on a roof, that means water infiltration and, eventually, roof leaks.
  6. Stains—Inside your home, ceiling stains mean roof leaks; outside your home, stains can point toward several issues your roofer can resolve.
  7. Shiny shingles—Fiberglass-asphalt shingles become shiny when the granules are mostly gone, leaving behind the shimmering glints of fiberglass, the last layer of your home’s defense against water infiltration and roof leaks.

The Single Shingle Solution

Your local, dedicated residential roofer is the single solution for all your roof’s issues—whether you have shingles, metal, or tile roofing. 

Your licensed roofer can perform preventive maintenance to stop all the problems before roof leaks appear. You can delay the expense of complete roof replacement with thorough inspections. For the ultimate protection of the roof on your Tampa Bay or Sarasota-area home, contact us today at Westfall Roofing. We can provide biannual inspections, make quick repairs, and help you postpone a complete roof replacement by ensuring your roof receives the preventive maintenance it needs.

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