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Westfall Roofing provides fast, effective repairs for wind, hail and other storm damage

Common causes of roofing emergencies in Tampa Bay and & Sarasota

  • Delayed maintenance and natural wear due to weather and UV radiation
  • Fallen tree limbs
  • High winds tear off shingles and/or roof decking
  • Ice dams and ice buildup in valleys
  • Improper installation practices
  • Flashing failures at roof penetrations, including around chimneys, vent stacks, and dormers

Some roofing emergencies are preventable, but others are simply out of the homeowner's control. Tampa Bay and Sarasota area homeowners should always take care to have proper roof maintenance and practice preventative strategies, but even in those cases a roofing emergency is a possibility.

3 things to remember in a roof emergency

In the case of a roofing emergency, make sure you remember these three points:

  1. Don't go up on the roof yourself: A damaged roof is a dangerous environment, and you should let a professional be the first to check it out
  2. Cover the interior: Using plastic sheeting will protect the interior of your home and help prevent leaks
  3. Inspect the roof visually: From the ground, take a visual inspection of your roof to note debris and possible damage


Westfall Roofing are your local experts for roof emergencies

As an experienced roofing contractor in Greater Tampa Bay Tri-County and surrounding areas, we can handle any emergency roof repair need you may have. If your home has leaks, wind damage, or a collapsing roof, make us your first call to get fast, effective repairs.

Call us today for an estimate on any of our roofing services! We work throughout Sarasota, Clearwater, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Brandon, Largo, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, Valrico, Plant City and the surrounding areas.

Wood Rot

Deteriorated wood can cause shingle damage or easy wind removal.

Roof Damage

Storms, and heavy rain, can damage roofs and need quick repair.

Flashing Damage

Damaged wall flashing can contribute to interior home damage.

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