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Roof Leak Repairs to Safeguard Your Home

We fix leaky roofs and damaged shingles, tiles, or metal roofing in the Tampa & Sarasota areas

While all homes eventually need new roofs, this may not be the most cost-effective solution for your home, especially if your roof only needs minor repairs. However, to make sure your home’s interior is adequately protected all year, you should immediately repair any leaks or roof damage.

Westfall Roofing has been repairing residential roofs in Tampa, Sarasota, Clearwater, and surrounding areas for decades. We’ve built a reputation for quality results and professional service and pride ourselves in the ability to detect leaks and restore damaged roofs to like-new condition while staying on budget. Our team specializes in repairing all types of home roofing systems, including:

  • Tile
  • Shingle
  • Metal
  • Flat Roof

If you have a roofing problem but aren’t sure whether you need to schedule professional repairs, keep in mind that the benefits of roofing repairs outweigh the costs. Repairing your roof not only extends its lifespan but also enhances your property’s value and provides better protection for the interior of your home. Meanwhile, putting off roof repairs or relying on temporary DIY fixes may lead to more expensive issues down the line. We offer comprehensive roofing repair services — from minor leaks to complete restorations, no job is too small or large for our talented team!

When should you schedule roof leak repairs?

The surest sign of a leaky roof is when water has stained your ceiling or walls. However, finding the spot where your roof is leaking can be tricky since water can enter in one place and run down to another before it gets into your living space. While most roof leaks are caused by damaged or missing shingles, tiles, or metal roofing, the problem could also be inadequate flashing or deterioration of the roof covering. At Westfall Roofing, our team is trained to detect leaks at the source to deliver permanent solutions. Why risk climbing on your roof to find a leak? Instead, trust our experts for fast, reliable service!

What other roofing repairs do we offer?

Your roof protects your home from the elements, but Mother Nature can take a toll over time, while storm damage can happen overnight. That’s why our roof repair services cover it all, from soffit, fascia, vent, and flashing repairs to replacing missing or damaged shingles, tiles, and metal roofing, as well as fixing sagging or collapsed roofs caused by wood rot or fallen trees. We also perform roof inspections and preventative maintenance to help stop leaks before they happen. Meanwhile, we aim to provide the best quality results on time and budget, so you can enjoy peace of mind and stay focused on your daily life.

Schedule your consultation for roof repairs today by calling us at 813-291-2904 for an estimate!

Whether your roof is damaged from a recent storm or normal wear and tear, our goal is to improve the condition of your roof, not only to protect your home, but also to refresh its look and appeal and extend the timeframe until it needs a roof replacement. Our roofing company serves both inland and coastal areas, including Tampa, Sarasota, and nearby areas such as Brandon, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Largo, Plant City, Palm Harbor, and Valrico. Contact us today to receive a consultation or roof repair estimate.

Roof Repair FAQs

How can I calculate the cost of roofing repairs?

The cost of fixing a roof depends on its condition and the labor and materials needed, among other factors. That said, we work to stay on budget so you can enjoy a safe and good-looking roof without breaking the bank. Addressing problems early on can also help keep down costs by minimizing the damage. If you have a leak or another roofing issue, we recommend you schedule professional roof repairs with us as soon as possible.

Why should I hire a roofing contractor if I only have a minor leak?

While a minor roof leak may seem like no big deal, it could be more extensive than it looks or a symptom of additional roof problems. Some homeowners try to save time and money with DIY solutions, yet if the original problem isn’t fully resolved, they could wind up spending more on repairs down the road. A better option is to address the leak but call the professionals. At Westfall Roofing, we not only seal leaks, but we also inspect for wood rot, structural damage, and other issues to help you avoid future repairs.

Does Westfall Roofing offer 24/7 emergency roof repairs?

Yes, we offer emergency repairs in Tampa, Sarasota, and surrounding areas. From tree limbs that fall through roofs to sagging roofs collapsing under the weight of standing water, we respond immediately to reduce the risks of injury and property damage. We handle emergency repairs strategically, such as by temporarily sealing leaks or exposed areas and then implementing permanent roof restorations. If you have an emergency roofing problem, trust our reliable contractors to get to work on a solution without delay.

Roofing contractor tearing off damaged asphalt shingles to repair a leaky roof

Any damaged or broken shingles will be removed.

Wall flashing uncovered for maintenance during residential roof leak repairs

Excess debris or damage around wall flashing can cause leaking.

Square ventilation surrounded by new underlayment and water-proof sealant installed during a roof repair

Penetrations are common leak areas, and should be repaired for safety.

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